Стихи 2009

To the single man.

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I have never been your woman,
I have never been your close friend,
But I’m begging you,- Never ever tell me: «I hate you»,
Please, don’t put our relationships to the end.

When I see you, my heart is trembling,
I want to be with you again and again,
But when I look closely to your eyes,
I find that you feel so much pain.

Forgive me, I’m so sorry for our endless strife…
I swear, never tell you, «I don’t need you anymore».
O, my darling, thank you! You know,
No one’s given me so much love before.

When you hide your loneliness and tears, I feel,
You’ll never ask me yet to be with you, you’re so strong,
But it’s hard, my soul is crying and screaming at night,
When it realized, you’re punished by God to be along.

April, 2000.


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